Sellers - Marketing your home

How to get you house sold in the shortest period of time and for the best price? It's really all about marketing.

Marketing best practices

The first step in your marketing strategy needs to be pricing and positioning.  Advertising will bring potential buyers, positioning will bring the right buyers, and pricing will bring offers.

So what do I mean by positioning? Know your potential buyers. You need to make a clear assessment of what  your home and neighborhood have to offer. Think schools, setting (urban, country), convenience, privacy, what type of person or family would your home appeal to?  It's not what you like, it's what the buyers are looking for. It helps to get an unbiased person input. Also know what a potential buyer will pay for your home. This is where pricing comes it. It's a fact that, while the seller sets the list price, the buyer chooses the sale price. You can get an idea what someone may be willing to pay for your home by looking at recent sales in your neighborhood or similar neighborhoods. Keep in mind the age, conditions and updates and or upgrades can have an impact on the market value of your home.

The second step is making sure your house is presented in the best possible way. It needs to be clean and uncluttered, everything needs to be in working order and the yard needs to be free of debris and if possible professionally trimmed and manicured. You may have to spend some money to get your home in tip top shape but it will be well worth it. First impressions are everything in real estate. See Prepping Your Home

Its price and appearance, especially in relation to the other homes on the market is what motivates buyers to make an offer. You want as many potential buyers to see your home as soon as possible. That way if you don't get offers you can get feedback and adjust your plan as necessary.

Which brings me to the final and most important step – maximum exposure. It is crucial to reach the most people with the right message in the shortest amount of time. This is why I primarily use the internet, email marketing and social media to market your property. There is no better way to target your audience and monitor the results. You simply can not get the same exposure from print. One caveat: The one thing I do like to print is postcard-sized handouts of the home. These are great of leaving with people you do business with like dentists, doctors, and hairdressers and your friends and neighbors.

What I do to gain maximum exposure for your home

Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

  1. Create a page for your listing on our SEO-optimized website incorporating focused keywords to gain priority ranking in search results.

  2. Create a unique YouTube video for your listing with professional photography.

  3. Create a blog post highlighting the YouTube video

  4. Promote the blog entry, video and detailed listing page on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that you and others can share. I buy social media ad for all of my listings. This is a simply the best way to generate interest.

  5. Engage buyers and other interested parties on Social Media being sure to respond promptly to questions and comments.

  6. Monitor Social Media regularly, sharing and reposting as necessary.

  7. Premium placement on all of the major home search websites such as,,, etc.

  8. Notify all 600-plus associates in Illustrated Properties of the new listing and update as necessary

  9. Place an ad with Google Adwords targeted to people who are looking for homes just like yours.

  10. Engage local real estate agents who do business in your neighborhood. Call, email, and contact them on social media. Stage a Brokers Open House with refreshments. (Friday early evenings is best.)

Because digital marketing is so important, top notch photography is key. Look at the difference between a professionally photographed home and one that is not. Also, I do not list your home until I have the professional photographs. There is no getting potential buyers back the looked at your listing without a photo or with bad photos and moved on. Nearly 100% of buyers start searching for their next home on the internet. Excitement and interest in your home must be created in a timely manner so buyers ask even beg their agents to show them your home. However, if the home is not priced right or does not show well all the internet excitement in the world is not going to entice them to buy. In fact, overselling and under-delivering will disappoint the buyer. A lot of disappointed buyers can do a lot to hurt the sale of your home. Words travel fast these days. Aim to make the words positive ones.

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